Monday, September 8, 2008


That's right. A potato cannon or aka, potato launcher. Whatever you want to call it, it's basically a weapon of mass destruction that you can easily make yourself at home. Oh did I mention it launches potatos approximately the length of a football field? Oh and it could probably shatter your windshield or your sliding glass door. It would also probably send any grown person directly to the hospital if fired at close range. Does that sound awesome or what?!!?

Myself, having seen videos of this done before and witnessing the potential destruction that it could cause I decided to make one of my own. Given that the total cost was under $40 and all materials were available at your local Home Depot, it was one curiosity I had to explore.

With the help of the very talented JOninja aka Jobitch, the following epic documentary video was created! Enjoy!

*Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any of you dumbasses who try to replicate what I have done and then end up setting yourselves on fire or blowing your fingers off. If you know that you're a dumbass, don't try this at home. If you're not sure whether you're a dumbass or not, I suggest you figure that out first before you try this at home. Chances are though, you're a dumbass. So just don't bother trying this at home.